From when we founded it  in New Zealand in 2008, the national Jewish community embraced the annual Jewish Learning Conference. When we started the JLC, we discovered that the community was hungry for more Jewish learning. And each year, we have strived to reach more people and make the conference even bigger and better. In 2010, we joined the international Limmud Federation and began calling ourselves LIMMUD NZ.

For the past 30 years, Limmud has brought Jewish education to communities around the world. Limmud brings together Jews of all strands, stripes and flavours, in an atmosphere of shared passion for and dedication to learning. We’re very proud to be part of the global Limmud community. Each year we curate an exciting line-up  with presenters from near and far, presenting on a diverse range of scintillating topics.


Check our facebook page and this website for frequent updates, photos, presenter bios, and registration details. We’re always looking for volunteers – send an email to info@limmud.org.nz if you’re interested.


Limmud is a cross-communal ‘festival of learning’ which attracts over 25000 participants to its events, held across five continents, in almost forty countries. It started in the UK 30 years ago where the annual five-day event now attracts 2,500 people from across the religious spectrum and boasts 350 presenters offering some 900 sessions. Limmud aims to enable each participant to go one step further on their own Jewish journey.


Limmud NZ is part of an exciting worldwide movement.  Limmud, of course, means learning and it is about learning but not in a formalised way. We start after Shabbat with a Saturday evening event featuring true stories shared on stage, music, cabaret, drinks and nibbles. The format on Sunday is “pick and mix”. Each session runs for an hour, and there are five different streams to choose from. You just pick what you want to go to – discussion of an ethical dilemma with local and international experts, an intimate text study, a film discussion, or sessions relating to parenting issues. If you need a break, grab a coffee and schmooze.

We also offer a vibrant kid's programme for ages 5+ and many presenters to appeal to teens.

One of the event's key principles is that we all have something to contribute and can learn from each other. Presenters are treated as part of the community, they are volunteers like those who organise the events and all are rewarded by the opportunity of learning from each other. Limmud has core principles that we feel reflect our community. The catch phrase behind Limmud is “every Jew should be a student and everyone can be a teacher”. We curate international speakers for each conference and we are eager for local presenters to put themselves forward. Expanding Jewish horizons, empowering individuals to contribute to their community and enabling connections to be made between individuals and across communities are the values behind Limmud International and behind Limmud NZ.

We also love the emphasis on ensuring all participants feel equally respected and comfortable at Limmud, no matter which shul they go to, or don’t go to. All Limmud events are strictly kosher to enable participants to eat and enjoy together. Lunch and morning and afternoon tea are provided. 



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