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Yael Gezentsvey + Illana Stein + Monica Tempian

Session 1

Making Jewish Theatre: An International Collaboration Developing the New Play GLIMPSES - a stage adaptation of the biography of Maria Dronke Here from New York for the workshop week and reading of the new play GLIMPSES, theatre director Illana Stein is in conversation with writer Yael Gezentsvey about their work developing this stage adaptation, based on the biography of Maria Dronke, GLIMPSES OF AN ACTING LIFE by Monica Tempian, published by Playmarket. Maria Dronke was a star of the European stage who fled Nazi Germany to the UK, subsequently arriving to New Zealand where she would go on to change the face of New Zealand theatre, training the country’s first generation of theatre icons. Readings by Dronke biographer Monica Tempian will provide rich glimpses of one of New Zealand’s artistic heroes. This conversation will also include insights into Illana’s involvement with the Jewish Plays Project (NYC), and the Alliance for Jewish Theatre. Yael and Illana first worked together on GLIMPSES, when it was accepted into the Alliance for Jewish Theatre's New Play Lab and they are thrilled to continue their collaboration developing this piece.

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