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Ron Kampeas


A summer of hate? In a pivotal election year, American Jews feel besieged by hostility from the left and the right. Far-right figures who invoke tropes of Jewish control are coalescing around the Trump campaign as the former president heads into the election bent on retribution for his felony convictions. And far-left activists who accuse Israel of committing genocide and Biden of enabling it plan on bringing the protests that disrupted American campuses to the Democratic convention in Chicago.


The favored Diaspora: The status of U.S. Jewish-Israel relations U.S. Jews were galvanized after Oct. 7 to reestablish a tradition of wall-to-wall support for Israel, with a mass rally in Washington in November. The coalition helped secure emergency funding for Israel's war effort. But now long-simmering distrust of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is resurfacing as tensions heat up between the Biden and Netanyahu governments.


Oct. 7 and its aftermath: How a day of horror changed the Jews It was the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. In America and elsewhere, Jews sought comfort from one another as alliances that they believed to be rock solid seemed to turn to dust.

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