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Rachelle Unreich


A Brilliant Life: The Lessons I Learned from my Holocaust survivor mother When Rachelle Unreich's mother Mira was dying, she decided to interview her. Not just to find out what happened to her in the Holocaust - at 17, she survived four concentration camps, including Auschwitz - but to try to discover the secret behind her survival. How had she gone on to live with such joy afterwards? How could she say, "In the Holocaust, I learned about the goodness of people?" A story of luck, serendipity and the unbreakable bond between mothers and daughters.


The importance of legacy: Collecting Family History Even though she had worked for decades as a journalist, Rachelle Unreich never thought to collect her family history, and only did so with her mother as an afterthought. Since her mother's death, she had to comb through archives, photographs, family artefacts and question relatives around the world, so that she could accurately tell her mother Mira's story in her book, A Brilliant Life. Since then, she has urged people to collect their own family histories, and advised them where and how to start.

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