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Daniel Yesgar


Exploring what Judaism has to say on AI and human cloning Delve into the ethical and moral dimensions of cutting-edge technology. Discover Judaism's perspective on artificial intelligence and human cloning, debating if a human clone can be a Jew and navigating through ancient wisdom of creating a Golem to address many contemporary dilemmas. Uncover insightful parallels and contrasts between Jewish teachings and the forefront of scientific innovation, challenging assumptions and fostering meaningful dialogue.


Charity: Obligation, Tradition, or Altruism? Unravel the complexities surrounding charitable giving in Judaism. Explore whether charity is mandated by the Torah, prescribed by rabbinic law, or simply considered a virtuous act. Delve into methodologies for determining the appropriate amount of charity, and contemplate whether generosity holds the key to financial prosperity. Join the discussion on the multifaceted role of charity in Jewish ethics and practice.

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